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Water Stone of the Wise

Florius Frammel

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Aug 26, 2016
or "The Sophic Hydrolith"

I was already talking about this book here

It is regarded as a very important piece of alchemical work and was quoted numerous times in subsequent german alchemical literature (not only by those who actually worked with tons of dew, hail, snow, rain, like D.D. Becker).

Furthermore it is older than I first thought. I have a scan from 1619, published by Lucas Jennis (a name not wholly unfamiliar to some) by an anonymous.

That's why the english version seems a bit hard to find. The translator (obviously A.E. Waite) did not attribute the book to Johann Siebmacher, like it was done later, neither does this 1619 version I have.

Siebmacher actually was very famous for his heraldry. One of his collections/works is still outstanding nowadays. Whether or not he really wrote the "Wasserstein" I can't say, but he at least was living during the time the mentioned first printed version was published.

Nevertheless, here is Waite's translation. Have fun: