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Tom Montalk: New Gnosis Book


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Dec 10, 2009
Tom Montalk recently published his Gnosis & Related research in a new book, titled:

Gnosis (Alchemy, Grail, Ark, and the Demiurge):
A Gnostic Treatise on Spirituality, Mythology, and Alien Technology

Available on Amazon and also available from LULU, possibly even with Discount Codes.

I would recommend it for anyone interested in deep, thorough & multi-faceted Gnostic research.

Tom has been a friend for years, he was personally involved with the English version of "Hermes Old & True Nature Path", and his rigor as a researcher is truly outstanding.

General summary from the Author:

Topics covered:

* The Way of the Fool and the true meaning of Gnosis.

* How we came to exist in a Fallen realm controlled by Archons.

* The nature of the Demiurge and how it shapes our reality.

* The occult science behind making the Philosopher‘s Stone.

* How Nordic aliens factor into Grail lore and human history.

* The Great Pyramid as a glowing, rumbling, plasma resonator.

* How abusing the Ark of the Covenant let in the demon Yahweh.

* What Christ is, from a Neoplatonic & Rosicrucian perspective.

* Mythology that encodes ET technology and hyper-history.

* Cyclical cataclysms and the coming dissolution of linear time.

* What these epic puzzle pieces reveal about our greater purpose.

This book is a revolutionary synthesis of Gnosticism, Alchemy, Hermeticism, Rosicrucianism, Indo-European Mythology, Biblical Eschatology, UFOlogy, and Quantum Mechanics with shades of Philip K. Dick, Fulcanelli, Hamlet's Mill, Rudolf Steiner, Manly P. Hall, and Julius Evola.

Additional message from the Author:

"The chapter on Alchemy could stand on its own, but in context of the surrounding chapters it takes on a new dimension.

It's been like 10 years since I revisited the Gnosis series for this book edition, and as I was re-reading it and editing/formatting I realized how seriously epic and astounding it is, even if only as a theory."


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