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Spiritual Mentors


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May 30, 2016
Mr Black I've been meaning to have this convo for a while and today is the day.

If you're comfortable, I would like to ask you some earnest questions about your mentor. I'm just interested to understand whether or not the way you receive and learn alchemy from your mentor is the same way that I learn from mine.

Who is this mentor? Possibly in the past you have attributed this to like, Jesus or God. Is that correct or am I mistaken?

You have asked your mentor about me at least twice. What did it say? And why have you changed your mind about meeting with me after your mentor had approved our visit?

These are earnest questions. And I have more questions after these are answered.

This is not a ploy to get you to expose your personal life to an attack and if you prefer to share this info with me in a private message than thanks for your discord.


My experience has been rather varied, and if I gave it it's full dues, rather undeniable of an intelligent force in the universe that chooses to communicate with me.

It started like.... what could only be described in modern terms as divine Skitzophrenic impressions.

What I mean was that the bible seemed to start to speak directly to me.

This was then strengthened through the Easter eggs left in the apocrypha.

This all became of significant interest when I performed two very real and significant miracles after long periods of fasting.

So I ramped up the fasting. And that's when real changes started taking place.

The mission has truely begun by this point and I would read anything I could get my hands on.

Several iterations of having my children stolen from me gave me the type of heart required for this endeavour. One of hopeful seriousness and planning of my life path.

Obviously nothing I can say can do any of this justice, and it finally basically culminated in my trip to Uluru.

The "small still whisper" spoke to me directly. Twice. Once each night that I slept on the Rock.

.... and now... he's basically gone. I haven't heard from God in a long time.

And I mean seriously. Like I fasted the full 40 days and nothing. I must have made a grave error somewhere along the line.

Nevertheless, I continued to pursue my purpose. My understanding of magic and Alchemy has increased significantly in these last two years as well as my all round personal character

My character has been quite refined through the recent fires. And it's noticeable. I am able to command a room with great easy and share experiences and ideas, even of topics that are generally considered taboo, with ease. I'm reaching a level of maturity where the last 20 years are finally paying off. People seem to be drawn to me, respect me, listen to me, even becoming receptive to my teachings.

The only reason I'm sharing this is to invite you to be comfortable to share your experience. I'm curious. I know everyone sort of chuckles that you claim to talk to God, however I think that's more of a knee jerk reaction. Of conditioning more than anything. Obviously many people speak with God and feel that they receive instructions etc in return.

Pride. Pride is so dangerous. Perhaps your connection is better than mine.

More or less I'm interested to know whether or not we have the same God.