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Some very vague things that need clarifying


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Jul 24, 2017
Some very vague paraphrased quotes you might find.

If you come across this one.

" and quickly separate it from the mould.."

Means after the oil has turned into salt by being exposed to a little air ( hardly ever mentioned ) you must collect it. You can recognise the salt from its granular appearance. Honestly though the author hoped you wouldn't be so careless as to let mould form before you collected it.

" this is where many make a mistake, once you have your granular salt, only drip a small amount of clear (fatty ) water onto the salt. Too much water and the salt will dissolve. This is where many fail. The salt needs to imbibe the water and then gently melt resulting in a thick solution. "

- " vessel of Hermes "

Means a twofold vessel or a sly way of saying " exposed to a little air ".

personage who was occupied at working and digging the earth, looking attentively upon him perceived a strong and robust man in the habit of a soldier,
red in colour and returned from the war, ( heat/fire ) and knowing no other trade by which to earn his bread. Now he, having regarded this traveller, spoke unto him rudely and asked of him what its was that he sought, and who had made him so hardy as to venture into these realms where no-one had ventured before.

The traveller, astonished to find himself looked upon askance and addressed in tones so brusque, replied right gently:

"O Man of strength, I have heard it told that there he four men and two women who work this mountain, and that by long travail you all possess the materia of the Philosophers' Stone. And, since I, myself, burn with ardour ( Big tip to the red earth caput mortum ) for this hallowed Stone, I have no fear in coming to this place, traversing waters, mountains and rocky crags; will not you give me some hope of obtaining of one of you that which I seek?"

"You have well understood," replied the strong man, "that we are four men and two women, and that all possess in truth such that we are that which you seek, and could give it you, though I doubt that that will be ( you don't have the skill to slay me ), yet may you obtain it more easily of the one than the other. ( Using the waters by themselves )
For my part, if you fight me not valiantly like with some greatly experienced soldier, only if you slay me ( high heat ), for I bear that which you seek in the depths of my heart, it being my nourishment and life; and so of us all such as we are in this mountain."

Means 4 stages of the granular salt and two waters from the starting matter. one saffron oil, one clear fatty water.
They are both the same water, one tinged by the red earth one not, ( waterstone of the wise ) and a boast at the end. " slay me "
the red earth caput mortum yields a bright red oil ( nourishment and life )The finished product ( Red oil with white purplish steam ) at high heats without using its oil
( one of the waters ) in the process .A shortcut.

Hail beautiful lamp of heaven, shining light of the world! Here art thou united with the moon ( clear fatty water) The clear fatty water is the mercury before conjunction ( tinged ) with the red earth., here is made the band of Mars and the conjunction of Mercury. From these three is born through through the magistery of the art, in the river bed, the strong giant whom a thousand times a thousand seek, when these three shall have dissolved, not into rain water... but into mercurial water ( advising using clear fatty water to carefully drip onto the granular salt ( giant ), mentioned above resulting in a thick solution ) , into this our blessed gum which dissolves of itself and is named the Sperm of the Philosophers.

Means 1 the red earth imbibed with its own secreted water ( clear fatty water).2 The clear fatty water becomes saffron oil being tinged. 3 the saffron oil treated ( exposure to air )
separately becomes this granular salt.
which you have to

" and quickly separate it from the mould.."

Then imbibe and melt with more clear fatty water previously taken from starting matter.

It is easily understood by all that has gone above, where to find( From the red earth. Adam.) and take the Mercury ( saffron oil, one of the two waters). Now must we declare how it is to he brought to birth and taken from the corporeal belly in which it be enclosed. It is this that all Philosophers make well enough known and all books on chemistry relate to the point of importunity. Whence this saying common to Philosophers: Mercury is to be made by Mercury,

After separation from the red earth ( corporeal belly ) this oil is turned into a granular salt, turning oil into salt by exposing it to air is the big trick missed out.
This granular salt melted becomes mercury ( oil ) again. Mercury is to be made by Mercury. " a stone and not a stone "

Edit - Sorry FF
First 3 quotes i can't remember ( you'll make my day if you find them, first 2 bothered me for years ).
the story is from Concerning the Material of the Stone
Hail beautiful lamp of heaven, is from an Alchemical Mass
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Aug 26, 2016
Hi Kibric,
thanks for your interesting comments!

What is the source text?

Jimmy Rig

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May 10, 2021
At what point would you definitively know that it is "ready"?
I hear some members speaking of "gold tests" "flowing like wax on hot plate" etc.
How about ingesting it? If you took the smallest dose you could obtain; and it was the real product would you know?
Sorry these are also vague things.. (my questions)