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Physical Immortality... on THIS Earth?


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Apr 26, 2023
Although to live a healthy life of maybe 100-150 years I don't see as a problem. But anything beyond that is a bit embarassing. Earth life is a young mans game. We don't want a bunch of old folks hanging around ruining the fun.

If humanity was given the true secrets and substances (life force) then no-one would ever get old, that's kinda the point. The Earth would be full of young 30 somethings (in appearance and abilities) and would just frollic about enjoying life and enjoying each other's company. There would be no "old people" as you perceive them.

"Dying" is simply recycling. You're chained to this Earthly prison destined to keep going around and around, everytime starting from scratch again, being totally exploited and abused as a child, programmed and conditioned by the prevailing "education" mechanisms, taught to expect and indeed want a life of slavery and servitude, after which you decay and die and start all over again. It has to be stopped somehow.


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Dec 22, 2008
I don't view Samsara as negative. The only way to get out of the loop is to go "with the loop".


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May 30, 2016
Immortality = exist forever (indeterminate fate)

Eternal life = the lose of unconcious states, when developed to an efficiency that endures through the physical death experience.

Immortality includes "death" as part of the never-ending experience.

Eternal life means that you do NOT lose consciousness.

try this

1. Lay in bed and practise some relaxation techniques.
2. When thoroughly relaxed, begin to breath slowly, deeply, silently(important), smoothly (important)

3. Continue your slow, mindful breathing while repeating the phrase "my body will sleep, but I will maintain awareness"
4. Continue your breathing and chanting this mantra for about 4 hours.

yes it's hard. Tough shit. If you can't even invest one night into willfully grabbing hold of your own consciousness, then get fucked if you have any chance against the forces that will ultimately wreck you upon your actual death.

picture the fear that one might have when in rough ocean with no land in site.
picture the terror, of standing at a 40 story freefall without safety equipment.

picture the intense and insurmountable radiation pissing out of the sun every second every minute every hour of your existence.

DO you wish to face these forces alone? In the dark? Without eyes? Without any sense at all?

Do you wish to be shredded apart, and THEN suffer the reality that you can't actually 'die' in any traditional sense?

🤷‍♂️ You do you.

The literature is clear. True ascension occurs through the light body. Anything else is either a straight out lie or a completely inaccurate speculation. Not to suggest that the light body speculations are grounded in objective truth, but rather, just considering all the literature, the possibilities, and what aligns well with natural philosophy, I feel like this reality is the most likely outcome.

You have to go all-in. You ARE all-in. Already. So do you want to go All-in on the default generic darkness of ignorance? Or do you want to be all-in with a tried and true methodology passed down from the sages for dozens of generations, with countless witness accounts of the reality of the other worlds and the light body??

I dunno. Each to there own, and I get that for the average un-philosophically sophisticated person, it would all sound like hogwash.

Just like the concept of living out life as a talking monkey spending their life paying off a loan on a few pallets of bricks (or cheap af sheet board 🤭) just to have somewhere to live, sounds utterly ridiculous to me.

We arnt a broken fallen race that's lost eternal life and is heading down to hell. That's THEIR narrative.

You are born as a perfect human being, at Level 0 of their development.

Step 1: reach Level 1 - activation of the light body.

Nothing else in your life is even relevant. Without this ability you will ultimately BECOME the sick and dying shell of humanity that they try to sell to you that you are.

You are designed to come here, and then grow and move back up the ladder. You are NOT designed to just stick around working mechanical processes endlessly and having sex, until your very decent energy reserves that you were born with are FINALLY depleted and the universe scratches it's head in confusion as to why you were unable to perform the most simple task of just conditioning your body to a relaxed state, taking control of your thoughts, and willing yourself into higher realities. You were given on average like 7 decades to forge a process that can be done as fast as like 120 days if done full-time.

Humanity is not a fallen race. It's just very primitive and doesn't realise how close and within reach all of their most wildest of dreams truely are. And they believe the fearmongers and follow and worship people that they KNOW are lying through their teeth and exploiting both them and mother earth for only one reason. Power acquisition.

🤷‍♂️ Each will receive their dues. And I wish for you all here at the forums that you gain self-control and conduct yourself in a way that is in line with the desires of nature. Holistic and healthy and aiming for the true Goal.

"Worry not about what you will eat or what you will wear.....

..... Seek FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven"

Humanity really has missed the point for the entire last 6000 years of history, culture and collective experience we have here on Earth. Use it or lose it.

I don't suggest I am personally out of the woods or superior in anyway. I'm equally fucked as you. Just perhaps more acutely aware of the condition of the fuckedness. And aware of the methodology of how to escape.

Easy to say. Very difficult to perform. But also easy to perform aswell. It depends on your level of understanding but more importantly your level of commitment and devotion towards the process.

I guess I should say that this is my opinion. But I think that would be a lie. This is my distilled interpretation of the opinions of the Sages overall, cross-disiplinary, cross culture, cross history.

If there is a better answer, then it's never been written down. Or if one would argue it has, then I'd like to see the document please.