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Phil Schneider Geode Method Lecture


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Jul 29, 2023
In relation to the Phil Schneider geode method, I've heard people say it was in his last lecture, but I've gone through that and it doesn't have it.

Does anyone here know which Phil lecture he talks about the geode method? Even better yet if you could link to it, I would appreciate it greatly as I'm drawing a blank.

ghetto alchemist

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Mar 21, 2011
It’s long gone from the internetz brother.
I know you’re looking for these old pieces of information hoping to find a new angle, something that everyone else missed all those years ago.
But IMO, there wasn’t much in those things to begin with, which is why nobody archived them.
Eg: nobody believed them nor attributed any importance to them (myself included on the second point)

The good news is that IMO, all the information you’re looking for is in the thread already.
Nothing was left out, at least from the hand written note, I never saw the lecture so can’t comment about that.
But since Phil only learned about the process from the note, then that’s the authoritive source.

To be honest, I’m glad to see interest in the geode process died in the ass though. Good riddance.
Last thing I want to see is all you young alchemy whizz kids slowly poisoning yourselves on mercury fumes.