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Ormus from Trap Water into Metal using Precious Metal Clay

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Mar 21, 2011
Just came across an interesting web page from Bo Long which I thought I'd share. Link HERE.

Basically he discovered that "ormus" from magnetic trap water (that's strong HIM water to me IMO) will cling to precious metal clay (PMC) and the metal will hold on to the magic substance after being sintered back to metal.
He noticed an amazing whoosh effect which consistantly appears at the same temperature as the material sinters.
He made pendants using this technique, and says that the wearer can sense and react to the energy in the pendant.
Even more amazing is that even after many years, this effect does not seem to dissipate nor wear out.

And for those who don't know, precious metal clay is simply metal powder (or fine filings) which is mixed with a moist organic binder such as rice starch.
It forms a moldable clay, and when fired at the correct temperature, the binder burns away and the metal powder sinters into a single solid piece.

Bo Long doesn't seem to know it, but IMO his silver pendants if melted together with copper or lead would induce a portion of the cheaper metal to transmute into more silver.
The coolest thing is that this technique could be used with any metal powder.

Would you like to turn copper into rhodium?
No problem, precipitate yourself some fine rhodium powder from stock rhodium sulfate solution, mix with rice starch into a paste, soak/dry multiple times in HIM water, sinter in a hot flame, mix with copper, remelt and presto....more rhodium.
Since the spot price of rhodium is USD $400 per gram, you don't even need to make much to make it worthwhile.

Or maybe you'd rather do it with gold....no problem, you can do the same as with the rhodium example, or just buy some 22K gold PMC off the shelf.
Hydrate your gold PMC with strong HIM water, sinter, mix with base metal, remelt, and presto!
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Nov 24, 2023
This is very insightful information. Thanks for sharing I’m going to check out the link now