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Making Boron from Oxygen


Hermetic Pilgrim
Nov 24, 2018
A long time ago I was playing with shapes and stuff. and i came across this video of a researcher named les brown.
He claimed to transmute zinc into calcium by just hanging it in the center of a tetrahedron array.

I knew at the time that water absorbs these soft electrons or HIM particles as some call it on this forum. I did not know at the time that freezing the water you can cause the him particles to concentrate into the gas bubbles.
so I decided to do my own experiment by making a small array of tetradrons and insert it into a bowl filled with water. I let the water freeze and got a brown powder. how did i figure out that this is boron? The atomic number ratio between zinc and calcium is 2/3 and just used that ratio on oxygen to get to boron. The hydrogen has no elements below it as far as we know but i think it just left as atomic hydrogen and recombined as molecular hydrogen gas. Boron powder looks like brown dirt in google images.
If you look closely you can see the tubule's formed out of the ice there is the brown stuff inside them.



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Hermetic Pilgrim
Jan 24, 2022
It's funny because I'm sitting at my table with a freeze concentrated flask that looks just like it but snow white fluff in the center.

I would not try to rationalize trough common chemistry/atomic numbers.