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Magnetic Pulser

ghetto alchemist

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Mar 21, 2011
Just wanting to kick something off RE the Magnetic Pulser.
Alkhemenh recently asked me about these devices, and I figure they should probably have their own thread on the forum.

I've wanted one for a while, but sadly I still don't have one.
But it's on my TO DO list to DIY one sometime in the future.
In my case, I want one for experimenting with magnetic boiling.
It's been said in the ormus corpus that pulsed EMF field will cause the subtle portion of a strong solution to boil off as a gas.
Jim, the friend of Barry Carter, discovered this (also Seton described the same thing back in 17th century).

Anyway, it also turns out magnetic pulsing can have a benefit on the human organism.
Bob Beck publicised the healing effect a few decades ago, so much so that his name is often synonymous with the magnetic pulser.
These days it's referred to as "PEMF Therapy" though.
So, I think it'd also be interesting to play with one and see if it has any beneficial healing effect.

There's a couple of open designs on the internetz, but my favourite is the basic one from Ritalie (aka Charles Seiller).
Here's his 2 videos on the design:
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