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ghetto alchemist

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Mar 21, 2011
Just for completeness....
I created a separate thread HERE about how I believe it might be possible to dope a permanent magnet with gaia particles in order to make an overunity device.

ghetto alchemist

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Mar 21, 2011
In the OP I wrote:

ghetto alchemist said:
Gaia particles are also the cause behind other phenomena such as...
- Why cold fusion and LENR works.

Cold fusion been getting a massive boost in funding in recent years, and it seems there's been another breakthrough late last year.
Interestingly it was from someone we're already familiar with... George Egely.
(He's the guy behind the Egely Wheel.)

Basically Egely has found a way to utilise a LENR reaction to directly produce an excess of electricity in a simple handheld device with little to no radiation and no strange radiation byproducts.

There's a thread on the Cold Fusion forum discussing it HERE.

Here's a YouTube video of Egely explaining his discovery:

Not only is Egely giving us extra dimensional devices which break all the rules of this 3D world, next he's warping cold fusion to produce an effect which is truly world changing.

What a legend!!!

You should all definitely check out that YouTube video, not only because this is a truly ground breaking development towards the energy revolution, but also because Egely discusses the particles which he says are behind it all.

And IMO if you ever want to break the alchemy secret, then you need to pay attention to this stuff.

Egely says the magic is due to a mysterious particle which has been discovered and named many times already which he refers to as "condensed plasmoid".

I say Gaia particle... a rose by any other name still smells as sweet.

Egely also identifies the reaction which causes the excess energy.

It's essentially the same as the reaction already posted in this thread!

ghetto alchemist said:
The standard deuterium reaction:
Gaia particle + deuterium atom (neutron/proton/electron) = 2 free neutrons
To accept this, you'll have to understand the following:
proton + electron + Gaia particle = neutron

Just like a broken clock Ghetto tells it right once in a while!!

Also, it looks like we won't be needing this white elephant after all.


ghetto alchemist

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Mar 21, 2011
Thanks for keeping the thread tidy Andro.
I was waiting for it to quieten down a bit before posting this update, which I can do now.

Anyone following this thread this far would be aware that I believe the following to be true:
> HIM is the cause of many miracles in the world including manifestation of life itself
> increasing the amount of HIM in your body extends your life span, improves vitality, keeps you free from many diseases, banishes depression etc.
> HIM is in volcanic rock/soil/ash/clay as a primary source and calcite/limestone/spring-water as a secondary source

It turns out that there’s pretty solid evidence that the HIM portion comes out of pre-loaded rock/sand/clay and into the food-chain due to the action of micro-organisms in the ecosystem.

If you don’t have access to decent spring water, then you may have been wondering what to do to improve your access to HIM for the expected health benefits.
Here’s my current understanding of the options (easiest first):

> Eat a teaspoon of powdered Azomite per day (I do this myself, but it’s not recommended).

> Buy and consume commercial produce which you know has been grown in volcanic soil

> Add volcanic clay/dust as fertiliser to your own food crops.

> Raise earthworms in a medium containing volcanic sand/clay and use the castings as fertiliser for your food crops.

> Use corrosive chemical methods to break down volcanic source material to make an ingestible substance
(definately not recommended) Eg: [JIM's Hot Rocks Method]. [sodium burn Method]. [Lakshmana's Method]

> Make your own EM brew using HIM source + microbes + nutrients and ingest the result as a tonic/medicine [See HERE].
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Sep 9, 2022
Finally got to the end.
This thread is truly exceptional.
Thank you GhettoAlchemist for sharing so openly such vital information for our work.
The connections you make, in my opinion, have great merit.

After reflecting on this, I see many implications for the work.

I see a very important link with the idea of DDW - Deuterium depleted water.

One way out there of making DDW is through distillation. One example here

A series of experiments have shown that deuterium depleted water has beneficial effects for life. The deuterium concentration interest area for deuterium depleted water is in the range 20-110 ppm. Deuterium depleted water is obtained by isotopic distillation under vacuum.​

As we distill water (and other substances), as you shared in the first post of this thread Ghetto,
the more volatile portion of the water goes over and becomes more concentrated with HIM.
This makes perfect sense, as the heavier deuterium laden water, would remain behind.
This is verified in the non-alchemy community out there that is discussing ways of making DDW.
The more distillations, the more pure the DDW.
I have noted a tremendously spiritual, high vibe feeling of distilled products. I imagine others have felt the same.
Distilled thundershower, even distilled just once or twice, has such a high vibration, I could sense
it from outside the house when I was doing the work. It's like the entire house became philosophical. 🤓

So is DDW water philosophical?
It would seem so. There seem to be clear connections to be made.

One can also make DDW through freeze distillation.
Heavy water (Deuterium rich water) freezes at a higher temperature (3.8oC) than regular water.
So a simple way of making it, is to get a temperature controller hooked to a freezer, get the regular or special spring water to freeze by slowly lowering the temperature. The portion that freezes first will be deuterium rich. Scoop out the ice. Get rid of it away from your work. Lower the temperature slightly. Scoop again. Repeat.
Eventually, one will have water with lower deuterium content.
Distill that water a few times and you're dancing.

Sea water has a deuterium level of about 150ppm.
When you go up in altitude, like waters in springs, and the like, have lower levels of DDW, like 120 ppms. These levels can vary.

If you want to make ridiculously low levels of deuterium in water,
make brown's gas and ignite it. The vapor that condenses is extremely low in deuterium.
Catch the water.
the "new water," it is called, has very anomalous and special properties.
Machines that make a modest amount of HHO / Brown's gas at around 1L per minute, can
be ignited and then condensed, you can get up to 1L of new water per day.

One story (unverified, but i tend to believe this sort of stuff) is told about some guys that owned a mineral for nutrition business. They had a jar of new water on a shelf beside a bottle of their mineral product that had 30 minerals in it.
The sun shone through the mineral bottle into the new water. They noticed a residue building up in the new water,
which was building with time (a significant amount). They decided to have it tested and found that it was the matter of all 30 minerals that were in their product. This was an accidental discovery and demonstrates some of the potential of new water.
This water can be trained with intention, or in the case of this story, can be channeled with sunshine as the force of generation.

If this story is true, it leads me to believe that new water is water in pure potentiality.
If you understand that term, it's like the pure element itself resonating at the "Causal plane" level. Potentiality. World of Briah in Kabbalah. This Causal plane is significant for alchemy, because in my awareness, it represents the union of the polarities of the Astral plane. (World of Yetzirah).

Fire and water make steam.
Steam is water vapor in air.
It is the balance of the Fire of the Sun 👆and the Water of the Moon. 👇
It represents the Child, the element that is carried in the Air. 🤙
A balanced element of nature.


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May 30, 2016
Seems many of us have concluded that Calcite had a great potential.

However I haven't seen anyone achieve anything yet.

Why is that?