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George Ripley Complete Works


Hermetic Pilgrim
Aug 4, 2016
Hello everyone, I have the pleasure of participating in the edition of the complete works of George Ripley, together with one of the most important historians in Spain. It has been a work of several years, in which copies of the manuscripts had to be acquired, translations from Latin, comparison of texts, etc., to be able to produce this book. At this moment we are in the pre-sale stage, if any of you would like to purchase a copy, you can write an email to georgeripleycompleteworks@gmail.com. There are already many copies sold and the edition only consists of 100 softcover copies.

Here is an example of the table of contents:

Accurtations and Practices of Raymond
Of the Artificial Stone
Bosom Book
Concordance between Guido and Raymond
Maria dicit
Separation of elements
Practical compendium
Notable Rules
A note of our fires
A Note upon the Work of Sericon
The great secret
A practice by itself
Various notes and practices
Recipe Adrop
The Philosopher's great work named the Elixir
The Vision
The Concordance between Hermes and Aristotle
The Dream
Proceedings at Eastergate
Breviation of the Philosopher’s Stone
Brief Discourse
Composition of the Philosopher’s Vinegar
The Compound of Alchemy
Consolation of the Poor
Earth of Philosophical Earth
Epistle to King Edward the Fourth
Gaudeat Artista
The Key to the Golden Gate
Liber Secretissimus
The Marrow of Alchemy
A Treatise of Mercury and the Philosopher's Stone
Mercurius ex Luna
The Mystery of Alchemists
Nota Quod Mercurius
The Opening of the Secret of Secrets
Opus Aureum Verum
The Philorcium of Alchemists
Practice by Experience of the Stone
The Pupilla or Light of Alchemy
A Short work
White and Red Work
White Work
The Whole Work of the Composition of the Philosophical Stone
The Work of the Three Orders