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" Civilisation is a deception " - A Hermit's Guide to Longevity


Hermetic Pilgrim
Jul 24, 2017
" Civilisation is a deception " - A Hermit's Guide to Longevity

In this blog i will try to cover all the methods tips and guides of using the natural world to achieve longevity.
Including stories and myths that are relevant to longevity from the natural world.

If someone chooses to live as a hermit one of the many realisations they will have is
" Civilisation is a deception " - Awi
Man has a place in nature and can use nature to achieve longevity.

Below are some guidelines and tips on how to achieve longevity by using the natural world.

Using the environment

" The air my food
The fire my blanket
The rain my shower
The earth my bed " - Ananda ( Cousin of Gautama Buddha )

Adopt a Pure in = Pure out approach to your body, what you put into it and what you expose it to.

Observe what the deer and local wildlife eat.
" Smells are vibrations and to the nose of many animals this is how they pinpoint and identify whats edible and whats not.
Paying close attention to how animals sort through possible food sources, you can find out what a digestive system
like yours can or can't eat. " - A Hermits Guide, thread.
Where do the animals go when they're sick.
The animal tracks are roads and maps, be careful who's home your stepping into.
The animals are your teachers, they're patterns and behaviours contain wisdom.
They can sniff out freshwater better than you...
Know what plants are antibacterial
Know what fruits are poisonous
Can sense changes in the weather and predators.
Know where and when food sources are available.
The methods the animals use to adapt to the environment are the methods you need to adopt.
Observe investigate copy.

Stop counting the seasons. The concept of time has to be lost.
Unstick from time. Time is ouroboros.
All birthdays and holidays need to be forgotten.
It will feel like only months have passed after decades if you let go of time
If you don't let go of time, months will feel like years.
When the mind has nothing to hold onto that could mark the passage of time
you live in a timeless state where your perception on time passing becomes non-linear.

Live in a place with clean unpolluted air.
Live in a place that is not overly busy and crowded. Animals or people.
Work at a easy pace. So that all work becomes peaceful.
Use caves as shelter.
Walk barefoot.
Eat raw vegetables and fresh fruit.
Drink rainwater and dew.
Follow the rivers to they're sources and drink from there.
Eat your boogers. I know its gross but there's a good reason why its a natural instinct for many mammals.
Use fire as your blanket and your protection as animals have a natural fear of fire.
Use the earth as your bed, sleep like the animals do.
Cover your body in ash for insulation, and it masks your scent,
the ash will mix with the oils in your skin.

Reinforce the elements within your body

- Dig a shallow grave and get in, partially cover yourself in dirt. Sleep a couple of nights a week in the grave. All the minerals from the earth will detox your body.
Fire - Spend hours sitting in the sunlight after midday building up a sweat. Get your body accustom to the heat of the sunlight.
Purging. Make and use a Sweat lodge regularly. Take it very carefully with this.
Water - Bathing or sitting underwater for an extended period of time more than twice a day.
Air - Hours of breathing techniques, Pranayama in clean unpolluted air. Preferable high mountain air. Walking around naked for extended periods.

" Let the wind carry through your skin " - Lao Tzu

Use the silence of the forests to quiet your chattering mind.
Use the songs of the birds as music while you work.
Use the smell of the earth to focus your attention.

Words of wisdom
" Retain a calm heart, sit like a turtle, walk swiftly like a pigeon, and sleep like a dog. "
- Li Ching Yuen

Using the environment stories

Here is an account of a Divine man inhaling wind and drinking dew. Using the natural world.
"The Ku-ye mountains stand on a chain of islands where the Yellow River enters the sea. Upon the mountains there lives a Divine Man, who inhales the wind and drinks the dew, and does not eat the five grains. His mind is like a bottomless spring, his body is like a virgin's. He knows neither intimacy nor love, yet immortals and sages serve him as ministers. He inspires no awe, he is never angry, yet the eager and diligent act as his messengers. He is without kindness and bounty, but others have enough by themselves; he does not store and save, but he himself never lacks. The Yin and Yang are always in tune, the sun and moon always shine, the four seasons are always regular, wind and rain are always temperate, breeding is always timely, the harvest is always rich, and there are no plagues to ravage the land, no early deaths to afflict men, animals have no diseases, and ghosts have no uncanny echoes."
- The Liezi, Lie Yukou.

A story from The Shenxian zhuan about a woman hermit using the natural world.
"During the reign of Emperor Cheng of the Han, hunters in the Zhongnan Mountains saw a person who wore no clothes, his body covered with black hair. Upon seeing this person, the hunters wanted to pursue and capture him, but the person leapt over gullies and valleys as if in flight, and so could not be overtaken. [But after being surrounded and captured, it was discovered this person was a 200 plus year old woman, who had once been a concubine of Qin Emperor Ziying. When he had surrendered to the 'invaders of the east', she fled into the mountains where she learned to subside on 'the resin and nuts of pines' from an old man. Afterwards, this diet 'enabled [her] to feel neither hunger nor thirst; in winter [she] was not cold, in summer [she] was not hot.']
The hunters took the woman back in. They offered her grain to eat. When she first smelled the stink of grain, she vomited, and only after several days could she tolerate it. After little more than two years of this [diet], her body hair fell out; she turned old and died. Had she not been caught by men, she would have become a transcendent."

Loki Morningstar

Hermetic Pilgrim
Jul 25, 2016
Nice article Kibric. Well written, really enjoyed it. I like these ideas. Many are universal; "The animals are your teachers, their patterns and behaviours contain wisdom." Modelling, success leaves clues. "Know what fruits are poisonous." Physical and mental diet, we often know what is bad for us yet do we follow it? Thanks for sharing. :)
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Jul 24, 2017
Reinforcing the elements within your body - Mental association methods


The Siddhi Laghima.

“The power to decrease the weight of the physical body to that of a feather. We can float in the air with the physical body, thanks to this power.”
- Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian Message

“He (the initiate) can make his body as light as cotton or feather. Vayustambhanam is done through this Siddhi. In Jalastambhanam also the power is exercised to a very small degree. The body is rendered light by Plavini Pranayama. The Yogi produces a diminution of his specific gravity by swallowing large draughts of air. The Yogi travels in the sky with the help of this Siddhi. He can travel thousands of miles in a minute.” - Swami Sivananda, Kundalini Yoga

[link broken]

The Udana vayu can be used to achieve Laghima

" Udana vayu is one of the five vayus. It operates from the throat and drives exhalation, operating in conjunction with prana vayu, which deals with inhalation ".

" By the mastery over udana, the upward flowing prana vayu, there is a cessation of contact with mud, water, thorns, and other such objects, and there ensues the rising or levitation of the body."

In Samyana practise there is the Akasha - "Lightness of Air" sutra

" By Samyama on the relationship between the body and space (akasha) and by concentrating on the lightness of cotton, passage through space can be attained. "



This is a method for developing the Siddhi Laghima.
It is the visualisation of sucking the element air in through the pores of your skin. Accumulating the element within your body
then dispersing the element air back out into the universe, through the pores of your skin.

We start with 7 deep breaths.

On each inhalation imagine the pores of your skin sucking in the air around you, inflating your body like a balloon.
On each exhalation picture nothing.

After 7 breaths we start another 7 but reverse the process.

On each inhalation picture nothing.
On each exhalation imagine releasing all the air you'e accumulated in your body back out through the pores of your skin.
Deflating your body like a balloon.

At the end of the 14 breaths, 7 breaths accumulating the element air within your body,
7 breaths dispersing the element air from your body.

It is an incredibly effective and simple method for creating a mental association with air.
You can do this exercise no more than twice a day. If you accumulate too much of an element within your body
without dispersing it, it will lead to problems within your body.

The Lung-Gom-Pa

In Tibet the monks used to hold Lung-gom-pa races in which the monks would leap and bound vast distances
after developing the Siddhi Laghima.

"..the hands and feet of the lama swung to and fro like a pendulum. The speed at which they progressed was amazing.. ..he was in a state of trance.. ..judging by careful examination of his footprints, the weight of his body must have been diminished to some extent." - In Secret Tibet, Theodore Illion

" As Peter Nabokov documents in his Indian Running, the esoteric training, or hokep, of Yoruk runners includes a number of elements similar to the lung-gom-pa: a series of exercises to master breathing, until the rushing air becomes a "rope" on which a runner is rapidly pulled; mental focus on a single point, such as a star or a mountain, inducing a trance-like concentration; and the uncanny ability to surely navigate a demanding trail even in the dark.

Yoruk runners, too, are said to be able to cover large distances rapidly--and to do so with a preternaturally long, levitating stride. As Nabokov notes, it is said that "runners reaching this state of consciousness could skim over the tops of close-growing manzanita bushes on the southern slopes of the Siskiyou Mountains.”


Ninjutsu Kenjutsu and Baguazhang Lightfoot

Ninjutsu Kenjutsu and Baguazhang have methods for developing Lightfoot.
There is a saying that goes along with the pursuit of learning Lightfoot methods.

" The illusion of lightness is perfect balance "


- A Shaolin monk by Tomasz Gudozowat

In Ninjustu rice paper is placed on the ground and the student has to run across the rice paper again and again
until the rice paper no longer breaks. Then the exercise is repeated with ankle weights.

Shinobi Aruki (Ninja Walking)

Ninjutsu also uses the practise of Kuji-kiri and breathing techniques to slow the rate of fall from great heights.

In Kenjutsu the samurai would plant a corn seed and jump over it everyday as it grew.
When they could easily jump over the full grown corn, they would start again but dig a hole next to the seed and jump up from the hole over the growing corn.
This way they increased they're lightness in battle. Ninjutsu has a similar practise using bamboo.

With Baguazhang they fill a large bucket with stones and walk around the rim of the bucket.
As they're balance increases they empty the bucket slowly of stones until its empty.

" JS: Did you learn and "Light Skill" (Qing Gong) as well?

MR.MA: Walking in a circle develops "Light Skill". Once you reach a certain level you are able to walk without touching the ground.

JS: How is that possible?

MR.MA: The idea is to use your Dantian, waist, to move. I'm sitting here right now. If you want to attack me I can move fast forward without using legs, but by straightening the waist. (Mr.Ma made a demonstration - from a sitting position he was able to move fast very far forward before he touched the floor with his legs).

JS: It all sounds and looks very mysterious...

MR.MA: It is not mysterious at all, it's just a matter of skill, of hard practice." - Mr Ma Chuanxu

Full interview with Mr Ma Chuanxu.

The pursuit of the Siddhi Laghima has spread into many cultures and practises all over the world.
We have a deep connection with the element air. Evolving we spent hundreds of thousands of years leaping through the air refining our technique.
All this work echoes within our DNA and by man creating mental associations with air and methods developed around them,
we can explore our potential of using the element air to affect our consciousness and body
opening up new ways to traverse and interact with the physical universe.

The Fire Yogi

Here is a fascinating example of a Yogi creating a relationship with the element fire.
He uses mantras offerings and breathing techniques to create strong mental associations to the element fire.

Full documentary

Loki Morningstar

Hermetic Pilgrim
Jul 25, 2016
Nice article, and video, Kibric. Based on your recent blog posts it seems we may be on similar paths. Namaste. :)


Hermetic Pilgrim
Jul 24, 2017
Thanks Loki.:eek:. Sorry you lost your show...
You've got a layout for a good book, keep us all updated.

Loki Morningstar

Hermetic Pilgrim
Jul 25, 2016
What the!?! He is laying in fire, at times on fire?!? Don't think I'll try this any time soon lol. Really look forward to researching it at some point though. Strange regarding his cholesterol, and drinking so little water. Even if there is some kind of trick to not getting burnt, one would need lots of mental control to get that close to the heat. Very interesting. Thanks. Will do.


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Jul 24, 2017
Reinforcing the elements within your body - Continued


All practises involving the element fire should never involve your head heart or internal organs in the practise.
It can lead to psychosis and death without proper guidance.


Sunlight brings a sensation of warmth spreading through the inside of you.
If you can recall the sensation, this is the sensation you want to increase within specifics parts of your body.
e.g. Your hand, wrist, etc.

Purpose of the practise

To get the practitioner used to taking an element from the outside world ( Fire through sunlight )
and use the sensation it brings to condense the element into different parts of his body, and direct it into different parts of his body.

The Science

The element of Fire within the human body is seen as the electrical energy in it.
You are directing the electrical energy within your body, and creating a charge around one part of your body.
Your brain can affect how much electrical activity happens in any part of your body.
More blood goes to where your attention is focused thanks to increased electrical signals from your brain.

Solar radiation affects the human bodies electromagnetic field and the "electrical pulses " sent from the brain to the body.
By using the sensation of sunlight to focus and guide your attention, you can learn to increase and direct the electrical activity of your cells.

These instructions are repetitive but very simple, if you follow them you will succeed
in directing the electrical energy within your body, and creating a charge around one part of your body.

Take your time. Don't rush. The slower you go the more effective it will be.


On a clear sunny day after 12 noon.
Sit down cross legged on the grass outside, Top half naked.
Make sure you are in bright sunlight so that your arms shoulders and chest are exposed.
Rest your left hand on your left leg , palm facing down and rest your right hand on your right leg , palm facing up.

As the sunlight hits your upturned right palm
gently bring your attention to the sensation of warmth building up in the middle of your palm.
Let the warmth settle in the middle of your palm.

Once your attention is centred on your right palm and the accumulating warmth on it
slowly bring your attention to your wrist
and let the warmth of the sunlight creep into your wrist bone.

( The particular sensation from sunlight mentioned at the beginning of the post should be clearly felt by now.
If its not yet, just keep your attention on the heat on your wrist bone and it will. )

Once your attention is centred on your right wrist and the accumulating warmth on it
slowly bring your attention to your elbow and let the warmth of the sunlight creep up to your right elbow.

Once your attention is centred on your right elbow and the accumulating warmth on it
slowly bring your attention up to your shoulder and let the warmth of the sunlight creep up into your right shoulder.

( You can see where this is going ?.
We are now going to bring the warm sensation of sunlight that you have directed from your right palm
through your wrist and elbow up into your right shoulder, over to your left shoulder. )

Once your attention is centred on your right shoulder and the accumulating warmth on it
gently bring your attention to your left shoulder
letting the warmth of the sunlight creep across, over to your left shoulder.

Once your attention is centred on your left shoulder
slowly turn your attention to your left elbow
let the warmth of the sunlight creep down into your left elbow.

Once your attention is centred on your left elbow. Slowly turn your attention to your left wrist.
Again let the warmth of the sunlight creep into your wrist bone.

Finally once your attention is centred on your left wrist and the accumulating heat on it
bring your attention to your left palm which is facing down, resting on your leg
and let the warmth settle in the middle of your palm.

If done correctly your hands arms and chest should feel throbbing warm and tingling.

Now gently let your attention centred in the middle of your left palm go.
Place your hands palms down onto the grass or earth for 1 to 2 minutes. Let the sensation of warmth disperse into the earth.


Get the hang of this practise and within minutes you can direct the warmth of sunlight all over your body and focus it in one place.
Mastering this practise you can mimic the warm sensation of sunlight on your skin and in your bones through the recall of it,
fooling your body into creating increased electrical activity in and between your cells.



Hermetic Pilgrim
Oct 9, 2016
Excellent! Solid advice that resonates well with me and my experience on this Earth.

Loki Morningstar

Hermetic Pilgrim
Jul 25, 2016
Nice article Kibric. I am really enjoying your blog. I can vouch for not messing around with fire (sunlight) until one knows what they are doing. As you rightly say, due to sun gazing without really knowing what I was doing, I had a bit of a psychotic break. I tend to put it down to a mixture of things, but I feel the sun gazing was a large factor. This exercise is a really nice way of easing in gently, for a long time I have been avoiding the sun because of past issues, a few months ago something told me it is time to accept the sun back into my life, this will be a great practice to start to learn the element. Thanks.


Hermetic Pilgrim
Jul 24, 2017
Loki Morningstar;bt262 said:
Nice article Kibric. I am really enjoying your blog. I can vouch for not messing around with fire (sunlight) until one knows what they are doing. As you rightly say, due to sun gazing without really knowing what I was doing, I had a bit of a psychotic break. I tend to put it down to a mixture of things, but I feel the sun gazing was a large factor. This exercise is a really nice way of easing in gently, for a long time I have been avoiding the sun because of past issues, a few months ago something told me it is time to accept the sun back into my life, this will be a great practice to start to learn the element. Thanks.

Sun gazing is a powerful technique but location and time have to be considered carefully.
When the eye's receive more light than usual for a sustained period it affects the pineal gland.
Thanks for supporting the blog. I am putting a lot of effort into it, trying to be as thorough as possible.
Its nice to know its getting through to someone. :)
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Jul 24, 2017
Using the environment - Continued

The observation of the natural world is paramount if you are going to use it to achieve longevity.
The best teachers are patterns. Nature is full of them.
What might be seen as abnormal behaviour might have an important reason behind it.
Animals do get some leisure time but a lot of the time everything they do has a reason behind it.
Where do animals go when they get sick ?


[video link broken]

" For centuries, indigenous peoples have routinely used clays (decomposed rock, silica and aluminum or magnesium salts, absorbed organic materials) in food preparation. The clays were used to remove toxins (e.g., in aboriginal acorn breads); as condiments or spices (in the Philippines, New Guinea, Costa Rica, Guatemala, the Amazon and Orinoco basins of South America); and as food during famine (4). Clays were also often used in medications (e.g., kaolin clay in Kaopectate). But the most common occasion for eating dirt in many societies (the only occasion in some societies) is pregnancy. When sperm and egg collide, the world changes. That is obvious. But why pregnant women eat dirt is not.

Eating dirt, then, rather than being abnormal, may be an evolutionary adaptation acquired over millennia of productive and not-so-productive interactions with bacteria an adaptation that enhances fetal immunity and increases calcium, eliminates gastric upset, detoxifies some plant and animal toxins, and perhaps boosts mothers immunity at times when the hormones of pregnancy (13), factors produced by the fetus (14), changes in the complement system, replacement of MHC class I antigens in the trophoblast (15), and who knows what else suppress the mother's natural immunologic desire to destroy her fetus a miracle, nearly. "


Below is information on how Siddhar's achieve longevity through certain regimes and the use of plants and minerals.

Principles of Siddha
" Siddhars have recommended certain basic guidelines to be followed for healthy living which includes observation of certain regimen as mentioned in Pini anugaa vidhi; literally meaning rules that help prevent disease. Their concept of Kaayakarpam; for prevention of diseases is highly admirable as it makes one's body resistant to infections. Their concepts pertaining to Habitat, Seasons, Diet (Thinai/Nilam, Naal ozhukkam, Kaala ozhukkam, Unavu) are preventive as well as adaptive.

1. Pini Anugaa Vidhi (Prevention of diseases)
Thinna mirandulae sikka adakkaamar...; -- Therayar
Paal unbhom; ennai perin veneerir kulippom; -- Therayar
The above verses illustrate the do's and don'ts in all our activities. These preventive measures against illness are summarized below:

i. Drink boiled water
ii. Take meals twice a day
iii.Take diluted buttermilk and melted ghee
iv. Take sufficient quantity of milk and milk products
v. Never eat root tubers except yam
vi. Never consume food that was prepared the previous day
vii. Always have food after feeling hungery
viii. Always consume sour curd
ix. Practice walking after a good diet
x. Drink water at the end of meals
xi. Use hot water while taking oil bath.
xii. Never suppress any natural urge
xiii. Never sleep during daytime
xiv. Always indulge in healthy sexual acts
xv. Take emetic medication once in six months
xvi. Take purgative medication every four months in a year
ii. Take snuff medications eight times in a year
viii. Shave hairs weekly
xix. Take oil bath once in every four days
xx. Apply eye medications once in three days
xxi. Never smell fragrance during midnight
xxii. Never reside close to dust and articles related to dust
xxiii. Never sleep under a tree shade or near a burning lamp

These rules when followed strictly, keep away death. These simple preventive principles have an in depth scientific value though they were designed much before the advent of modern science. These rules have been followed as routine custom through several generations.

2. Kaaya Karpam (Gerontology)
Udambar azhiyil uyirar azhivar;-- Thirumandiram by Thirumoolar
The above quote states that maintaining a healthy body is essential as it holds a healthy mind which is required to attain salvation. Adoption of preventive techniques to maintain one's body health helps to retain youthfulness and attain spiritual perfection. Kaaya Karpam; (rejuvenation and longevity) was practiced as a preventive measure against illness. Practicing Kaaya Karpam also provides acquired immunity (seyarkai vanmai) to our body. Kaaya Karpam acts in 2 ways i.e., prevention against disease and restoration of health during illness. Thus, it is preventive as well as constructive. Kaaya Karpam is studied under three categories viz.

i.Mooligai Karpam
ii.Thathu and Seeva Karpam
iii. Yoga Karpam
i) Mooligai Karpam

This deals with drugs used in Siddha for Kaaya Karpam (rejuvenation and longevity) which have plant origin
Ex: - Fruits of Phyllanthus emblica (Amla)

ii) Thathu and Seeva Karpam
This deals with minerals and animal products used as Kaaya Karpam preparations. This also includes Muppu; (A combination of three salts) - a very unique preparation in Siddha. "


Phyllanthus emblica

" Phyllanthus emblica is highly nutritious and could be an important dietary source of vitamin C, amino acids, and minerals. The plant also contains phenolic compounds, tannins, phyllembelic acid, phyllembelin, rutin, curcum-inoids, and emblicol. "

Kaya Kalpa methods adopted by Siddars: a scientific approach

Using the environment stories

The story of Shui Xian

Many many years ago there was a farmer near the foothills of the Wuyi mountains. He started farming as a young boy and found deep contentment in his life. Every so often, villagers would set out to visit the big cities, to travel the country. He would always shake his head at the offer to go along. I am happy. When I want to see the world, I can watch the clouds go by, or wonder where the water flowing down stream started its journey.
Most farmers used mules to plough the fields, but our hero had only a shovel. His rows were not straight, but bent to the natural give in the soil, twisting this way and that. He used the same shovel for 60 years without making repairs because he could feel what dirt was clear and what dirt hid rocks and clay. He tossed his seeds every which way- Taro over here and yams over there, and harvested enough to live.
One day a county magistrate came and said that the farmer's land was being seized by the local administrator for a waterworks project, tossing him a bag of coin as settlement. Keep it, the farmer said. I have no need. The villagers thought he was crazy, but he walked off, deciding to follow the stream to its source and see where the clouds came from.
For days he walked, picking roots to eat along the way, sleeping by the water, and singing to himself. Deep in the mountains, where the mist was clinging to the rocky peaks, he heard another voice- the first in weeks. Come sit friend. I could hear your happy wandering approach for days. What brings you here?
The farmer saw a wild-looking man with a long beard and knotted hair. My farm was taken, so I thought I would walk until I found the source of the clouds and the stream.
The wild-man raised a bushy eyebrow. What have you eaten?
I have my shovel to dig up roots.
Let me see your shovel. The farmer handed over his only possession to the wild-man. There is not a scratch on it. I don't even see marks from being refinished. Is it new?
No, I have always used that shovel, and never once repaired it.
You are an interesting find indeed. Most men that come here are seeking immortality, treasures, wisdom. You seek only to find the place where water and clouds come from. I like you, my friend. The wild-man got up. Follow me.
The farmer and the wild-man hiked for days up to the highest peaks of Wuyi, until they were above the mist and clouds. Look, my friend. The clouds start here, they rain down the mountains, become the streams, flow out to sea and again rise up to the sky.
So there is no beginning?
How should I know- I am just a wild man. Come, look at this plant. It grows out of the cliffs, reaching for the purest mist, hidden from view. Pick some. Take it with you, and return to the cliffs whenever you need more. It is more valuable than your farm, for it will remind you of this place. The wild-man disappeared, leaving the farmer alone with the tea plants jutting out of the rocky mountain face.
The farmer picked the tea, and hiked back down the mountain. He steeped the leaves in the water of the stream he had followed. As he sipped it, his mind again floated upwards to the cave of the wild-man and the misty mountain peaks. He returned to his village, sharing the tea, and asking everyone to shui xian or give thanks to the immortal, before drinking. "


Shui Hsien tea

Plants used in Taoism


Hermetic Pilgrim
Jul 24, 2017
These Taoist practises don't use the natural world to achieve longevity but i wanted to include them because of their simplicity and usefulness.
All these practises directly affect the body's ability to increase and direct it's electrical activity.

Taoist practises

" Flying the metallic essence behind the elbows "

For this method use the time after the hour midnight and before the hour noon.
This is the time when the chi is produced.
Open your garments, sit properly with the back straightened.
Tighten your fists and clear your mind.
Stretch your body.
After stretching your body, from a seated position
lean back making your chest stick out and your spine curve in.
This opens up the middle passage located about at the centre of your spine.

Now lift your head
this opens up the upper passage at the bottom of your neck.

Now with your hips and from your belly, gradually raise your hips and stretch your body,
making your chest stick out further and spine curve inwards.
This opens up the lower passage at the bottom of your spine.
Hold for about one minute and relax.
Repeat 3 to 4 times.
After lots of practise try to hold the position longer and longer before you relax.
( Your cheeks will be rosy, this is a good sign. )
Eventually being able to hold the position for 10 to 20 minutes.

This practise opens up the upper middle and lower passages, a climax of heat within the body is a sign of the practise working.

After getting the hang of this method your skin will become white and your body light.
This is called returning to youth from old age and is a method for long life and immortality.
If a young person practises this he will not age.
If an old person practises this he will return to youth.

" The way of the life stem and the way of the nature's root "

" The way of the life stem "

During daytime, rub your hands together and make them warm
then hold your hands against your navel.
Gently focus on the heat in the circle of your navel.
Repeat, rubbing your hands together and placing them against your navel.
Gently focus on the accumulating heat in the circle of your navel.
Repeat an infinite number of times.
( If you practised using the sunlight in the previous blog post " Reinforcing the elements, Fire ", this practise will feel very familiar )

" The way of the nature's root "

At night gently press your upper gums with your tongue.
Focus on the sensation of your tongue pressing against your gums.
After a while the feeling of stability within your head will arise, is the only way i can describe it.
You can do this practise all night if you wish.
After a long time you will hear sounds from inside your head and smell a sweet fragrance.

The Science

" Flying the metallic essence behind the elbows " stretches the diaphragm and the spine. Lining up and stretching the nerve clusters in your body.

" The way of the life stem " uses the sensation of accumulating warmth in the navel to increase electrical activity to the nerve clusters in your belly.

Abdominal nerve plexus

[link broken]

" The way of the nature's root " uses the sensation of your tongue pressing against your upper gums to increase the sensitivity of your trigeminal nerve.

Trigeminal nerve



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Jul 24, 2017
Using the environment - Continued


Drinking chlorophyll once you have separated from its leaves has many health benefits.

How can you remove chlorophyll from leaves?

" We reported that chlorophyll improves facial wrinkles and elasticity in female volunteers over the age of 45 who received two different doses of chlorophyll extract supplement for 90 days. Compared to baseline, type I procollagen synthesis was increased, with a substantial reduction in UV-induced thymine dimer staining and UV-induced apoptosis of keratinocytes in a dose-dependent manner [22]. Considering the pivotal role of ROS in photoaging, chlorophyll’s anti-oxidant properties are speculated to play a role in reducing wrinkles, epidermal DNA damage, and apoptosis."


" Resveratrol is a small polyphenol compound found in red grape skin, nuts, fruits, and red wine. Many studies have suggested that this compound has anti-carcinogenic effects that can be attributed to its free radical-scavenging ability "

The Role of Functional Foods in Cutaneous Anti-aging

Drinking dew

Dew is rich in oxygen and great for the skin. If we apply morning dew to our skin within weeks we can look more youthful.
Hermits have know for ages the benefits of drinking dew, and dew has always been seen as life sustaining through many cultures.
Only now are scientists rediscovering there was method to their madness.

" To the ancient Chinese, dew symbolized immortality, and was an important part of Taoist philosophy and practice. The Immortals of Taoism were said to be perfected beings who lived on mountains, fed on the wind, sipped the dew, and experienced ecstatic flight. It was believed that dew which formed around temples and at sacred places was especially beneficial. "

Dew and Flower Essences

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Dew was also important to alchemists. Paracelsus collected it, alchemists experimented with it a few ways, and it found its way into Magick.

" We have found in a “Magia Divina” the following directions for accomplishing a perpetuum mobile naturæ, the efficacy of which we leave for the reader to decide. "

“During the twelve nights after Christmas 1½ measures of dew are collected from fruit-trees, and preserved well enclosed. In the month of March dew is again collected from both fruit-trees and meadows and is preserved in another phial. Dew collected in May is poured in a third and rain of a thunderstorm during the summer in a fourth. Thereupon the contents of the four phials are mixed and one measure of it is poured into a great transparent glass retort where, well covered, it must remain a month until it becomes foul. Put it then over fire and subject to heat of the second degree. When sufficiently distilled a substance thick as honey is left. In this residue are poured four grains of astral tincture. The mixture is exposed to a heat of the first degree, by which it is converted into a thick, jet-black lump which again is dissolved, forming below an ink-like fluid, and above a vapor, in which many colors and figures are seen. These soon disappear, and every thing is changed into water, which begins to turn green, and green palaces, constantly enlarging, and mountains and lovely pastures appear, while the water is diminished more and more. When now you find that no more dew rises from the earth within the glass, take the water which you received from the distillation, mix with it a drachm of astral tincture and pour an ounce of this mixture into the glass bulb. Then every thing begins again to live and grow. Add every month an ounce of this mixture. If then the glass ball is well closed, and is not stirred, a vapor gradually arises, and is condensed into two shining stars, like the sun and the moon, and like the latter, one of these stars waxes and wanes; and all the phenomena of nature, thunder, lightning, hail, rain, snow and dew, will appear in your glass ball as in the real world around you. All this will happen if you keep the great Creator before your eyes and in your heart, and if you conceal from the wicked world this great secret.”


Dew is a vital ingredient for a hermit using the natural world to achieve longevity.
Learning how to collect dew is one of the first things to master, if you are going to survive as a hermit.

Wild Man Hair

An incredible way the human body responds to the environment.

Wild men have often been depicted as covered in hair. While scholars will dismiss it has invention it does in fact have roots in science.
If a child before puberty is left in the wild, bared skin and exposed to the air, the hormones in his body will tell it to produce more hair than usual,
to conserve body heat.
There is a long history of feral children having been found covered in hair. We hear about these children as Wolf Boy's, local myths.
Feral children survive miraculously by copying the behaviours of animals and following the diets of animals.

Feral child

Shamdeo ( The Wolf Boy - 1972 )
" This boy was taken to the catholic mission at Sultanpur, a town in Punjab India, by a man who had alledegly found him
living in a forest with wolves. The boy estimated to be three or four years old at the time was covered in matted hair "
- The Book of Lists: The Original Compendium of Curious Information

" A Latin treatise of 1557 by another Italian physician, Giulio Cesare Scaligero, contains a definitive reference,
noting a hairy Spanish boy referred to in France by the nickname " Barbet " brought from the Indies. "

Medical cultures of the early modern spanish empire ( contains more examples )
https://www.researchgate.net/publication/281437031_Medical_Cultures_in_the_Early_Modern_Spa nish_Empire_edited_by_John_Slater_Maria-Luz_Lopez-Terrada_and_Jose_Pardo-Tomas_Ashgate_2014_introduction

Amongst White Clouds

An amazing documentary which delves into the lives of hermits. Contains a lot of wisdom on how to approach life has a hermit.
They mention eating bark and nettles and how they use the environment to develop wisdom.

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Thanks, i'm trying to make them as interesting as i can. :p

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You can extract chlorophyll from tinctures, I did a post somewhere around here about DT's "Green Monster." High proof tincture of the herb, then waterbomb, let settle, and draw a tincture off the black mass that drops out of solution ;)


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" Act your age "

Our preconceptions with age comes from civilisation. If the average lifespan was 250 years, we would all be teenagers not biologically
but socially up to our 40's. We find our age within society comes by a social consensus.
An example of this is how people behave when they're alone. The social rules that dictated what certain age groups should or shouldn't do
are not present and there is no stigma attached to their behaviour.( a 30 year old playing with toy figures )
We all act silly sometimes when we're alone, put on voices do funny dances etc.
We do this because there is no social pressure to tell us what our age is and how we should act according to it.
We are free for a moment to act without bondage before someone see's us and we are self conscious of our behaviour.

Imagine if you were completely alone millions of miles from anyone. All your survival needs are met and you were pretty comfortable.
Your behaviour no matter how silly or immature would have no judge other than yourself.
Take the society away and only you now will decide what age you are. There are no pressures on how you should behave.
Our " age " is a mental concept. We have attached patterns of behaviours to stages of our biological decay.
What someone at a specific age should or shouldn't do.

We can dispel this mental concept in us by following those silly moments when we're alone, not hesitating to think " am i to old for this ".
With no one else around to instil social norms on our age group, our age becomes malleable to us.
We can decide if we are an old man or young man. We can be teenagers in our 80's or old men in our 20's.

Biologically does any of this have an effect. Yes.
In old peoples homes the residents are encouraged to do as much as they can for themselves, youthful activities are promoted
not just for entertainment but because psychologically a youthful attitude helps increase lifespan and alertness of the mind.
Increased fertility, faster healing, there's a slew of new age books that use these psychological mechanisms.

Hermits who have lost all concept of age have essentially used these psychological mechanisms to slow they're biological age.
By always remaining open to childishness and immaturity and not shunning it within themselves, they have given instructions to they're bodies to keep all biological functions, mental acuteness, dexterity, in their prime for as long as possible.
Youthfulness is a state of being, the body responds to this strong biological drive if you psychologically pursue immaturity and childish behaviour.

There really is truth to " You are as young as you feel ".


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Well I should stay young forever then! HaHa! :p




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Kibric said:
Eat raw vegetables and fresh fruit.
Only when/if in season. Otherwise there can be an opposite effect. Generally, food intake should be in tune with one's geographical location (such as latitude & altitude, sunlight availability & UV index, etc...) Example: Eating bananas in Scandinavia in February - not smart. Go for seafood instead :)