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Books going into detail regarding healing with the stone


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Apr 26, 2023
Hi there, I was hoping some of you might have some suggestions on titles that go into more detail regarding using the stone for healing.
I have read a good few books, probably 50 or more and very few actually talk about this part of the stone.

Variations in the books I have found so far.
1. You must ferment the stone with vulgar mercury to use it for healing.
2. You must ferment the stone with either gold or silver (depending on red or white) to use it for healing
3. You must not ferment it with any metal as then it's only purpose is transmutation and can no longer heal.
4. The final red of white stone is already able to heal and is taken to the next level using it's own mercury and repeating the process of imbibition to black to white to red. Fermenting with gold or silver increases the volume but not the quality, and can then only be used for transmutation.
5. You must project it onto gold, then use vulgar mercury to increase it's quality repeating the imbibition to black to white to red process again.

So, any book titles which goes into this in more detail would be much appreciated.

Thank you


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May 10, 2021
To my understanding, Mercury (in the simpler and first is an alias used in alchemy to describe the incarnation of the divine essence that forms and sustains the universe into a substance, more or less tangible.
The essential Virtue of this substance, falling into the matter, "fixes" itself in a mercurial state, which means that is not so fixed as we want it. So we need to cut his feet, so it won't fly away. Please forget MERCURY as a metal to work with. It Kills! And... you need to be alive to be able to escape.

Regarding the properties of the stone for healing. It will only heal the alchemist or someone prepared to receive it. It's not something you will take like wine and that's it. The body must be prepared for it, otherwise... It's venom.
I think that for the purpose of healing in general, metal oils, and plants, in general, are the way to go.

All the best;