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Bonsai Kit !!!!


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Jan 2, 2012

This is and is not related to Alchemy.

A friend of mine gave me as a present one of these Bonsai Kits:

It's mostly a kit that brings everything you need, the seeds, the soil, even the pot... and quite a long brochure with very detailed instructions about how to grow the bonsai... the whole procedure has something like 20 steps.

Anyway... the interesting thing for me was that the brochure explains that the seasons are important for the tree... BUT the instructions are mostly a "trick" for emulating the sceasons in an artificial way and making them last less time than they should.

The first season is the Autumn, in which the seed has fallen from the tree and the soil is wet... but then you have to put the wet soil in the fridge for 8 weeks as to emulate the season, then comes the spring, which is just 3 weeks, this spring happens inside a warm cupboard, because the tall trees don't let too much light reach the plant yet... and so on.

I found the gift quite fscinating... and I specially liked the idea of emulating the seasons in a "fast-forward" way.

Is this related to Alchemy? Yes and no, but I thought that people who enjoys Alchemy may enjoy having one of these as a hobby (maybe there are other brands that offer similar kits... I am mostly linking the one my friend gave me as a gift).